Insurance Coverage

The AFGR insurance program went into effect December 29, 2005

The REQUIRED monthly Activity Report is on the Forms & Reports link as well as the Proof of Insurance Declaration sheet. The Declaration sheet changes every December 31 with the renewed year.

This is a General Liability Policy and here are the limits.


Per Person


Per Accident (Occurrence)


General Aggregate Limit


Add an additonal Insured (AI)  to policy


Self-Insurance Retention(deductible)



1)The $2500 Self-Insurance Retention (SIR) will be the divided as follows: $1,500 for the group filing the claim as the result of the accident and $1,000 will be paid by AFRG. AFRG will not pay the full amount since we were not responsible for the accident. The Group being filed against will pay there portion at the time of the claim. This is similar to the co-pay system on an insurance policy.

2)The $250 charge to add and Additional Insured (AI) to the policy is payable with the request. Use the form available on Forms & Downloads. This form and the fee, if needed, must be received at AFRG at least 2 weeks (no less) in advance of your needed date. Check with Corporate on any questions. The charge is for events that do not fall under the guidelines outlined by the insurance provider. Contact Corporate when filling out the form if you are not sure what categorie you fit.

If the sponsor is a Government Agency or Land Owner there is no cost

3) Events MUST be reported by or on the 5th of the following month of activities in order to insure coverage. The office fax system is on at all times. Use the Event Reporting form at Forms & Downloads. Every group/member that does anything during a month will be required to fill out the form and return it to Corporate. We are required to send the Insurance company a monthly report of ALL activities of members. Example: If Winds of the Frontier holds up trains three weekends in a row, in January and has 1 show at Knotts Berry Farm, each event must be reported and every member that participated must be indicated.

4)Most importantly, keep a copy of the Safety Rules with you at all times, have fun, teach while you perform,



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