Membership and Renewal Applications

You will need Adobe Acrobat reader to view the files.  If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat, please download a copy from


It is required that a recent photo, in proper period clothing, accompany your application. Also please indicate on your form what group, if any, you are affiliated with. "Persona" means what name do you use when you perform.

If you send in a group application packet, please include a group photo to go into Family Portraits.

If proper photos do not come with your application, you will not be processed until the pictures arrive. If this means you cannot perform, due to the rules, that is not our problem.

Please make your application readable. This information has to be accurately sent to the Insurance carrier and quite frankly we do not have a lot of extra time to try and figure out what you wrote, particularly on email addresses.


If you are renewing, a photo is not needed. Please indicate if you have moved or changed contact information.


Files available for download:

afrg new member application.pdf

afrg renewal application.pdf


 2015  American Frontier Reenactment Guild